...:Workshop Registration Deadline Extended!

Registration Deadline Extended!

We are delighted that there are enough participants for our new orchestra workshop. However, we want to give all those who were unable to receive our invitations during summer to register.

And so we decided to extend the registration deadline to 10 October and look forward to your registration!

What are the aims of our workshop?

The „Drumroll“ symphony, one of Joseph Haydn’s all-time classics, is on our programme – in a version by Johann Peter Salomon. Salomon, the London music manager, conducted the symphony’s world premiere as concertmaster together with Haydn.
Apart from Joseph Haydn we will also meet his younger brother, Johann Michael Haydn, who, by the way, was a good friend of Mozart.
And finally we will return to Matthias Georg Monn, who is one of the precursors of Viennese classicism. After we were convinced of his extraordinary qualities of his compositional skills during our last workshop we include his—stylistically entirely different—Quatuor in B-flat this time.
Chamber music and chamber practice is an especial emphasis of ours this time as it is indivisibly connected to classical musical taste and is the basis for high-quality concerts and orchestral performances.

Among the new features of our workshop is an introductory lecture and individual part rehearsals.

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